Spotify may be shutting down Heardle, but there are plenty of great alternatives you can explore.

Heardle, the Wordle spinoff played by music enthusiasts around the world, has become a global phenomenon since being acquired by Spotify less than one year ago. Unfortunately, however, they’ve decided to discontinue Heardle sooner rather than later; we will explain why in this article and present three alternative Heardle games you can try instead. Let’s get playing!

Spotify Is Killing Heardle
Heardle players are outraged after Spotify announced they’re discontinuing Heardle, with an official message posted to Spotify notifying players it will sunset the game on May 5, 2023 and encouraging you to take a screenshot of your stats before that day as after May 4 you won’t have access to them anymore.

Heardle was first released for public consumption in February 2022, with Spotify purchasing it two months later in July. Due to Wordle, which inspired it, Heardle quickly garnered lots of buzz upon release; one could say Heardle was already set for success when acquired by Spotify.


Why did we decide so quickly to drop it?

Why Spotify Is Killing Heardle

Although Spotify did not give Heardle players any explanation for his dismissal, one of their representatives did provide TechCrunch with this statement:

After much thought and consideration, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Heardle in favor of other features for music discovery.

So it is clear: Spotify wishes to prioritize other efforts related to music discovery. But this can be confusing since Heardle allowed you to discover and play potentially new tracks daily regardless of whether your guess was correct. Furthermore, Heardle still kept players locked down.

Why kill it off altogether? We have some ideas.

Playing Heardle may be enjoyable for many people, yet there are certain drawbacks associated with it. Some even believe Spotify ruined Heardle due to one or more of these issues.

Though Heardle may not be available everywhere in the world, users who do have access have reported that it suddenly stopped allowing them to access it and showed them this notice instead.

Heardle’s song selection could also prove disappointing at times.

Some songs featured weren’t exactly top hits on Billboard charts or commercial successes, instead having more popularity on platforms such as TikTok. This creates an issue as it excludes an influential demographic familiar with classic tracks typically featured on Heardle; furthermore it makes it difficult to correctly identify songs based on just their intro.

Heardle also frequently featured songs by the same artists multiple times, which can be annoying and contradicts Spotify’s goal of music discovery. Green Day and Imagine Dragons have had more than their share of exposure on Heardle within a short timeframe.

Heardle may not be the only feature that Spotify has removed from their portfolio: in April 2023 they also discontinued their live radio feature Spotify Live after operating it for years.

Heardle Alternatives You Should Play Now that Heardle has ended, you may be left wondering how you’ll fill your time without it. Have no fear; we have you covered with some potential alternatives!

  1. Songlio
    This free song-guessing game available on computers offers both single-player and multiplayer game play options, including standard and community quizzes. Time is of the essence in Songlio as you listen to short song clips before typing out its title as quickly as possible to gain maximum points at the end.
  2. binb
    This game stands out as it serves as both a 24-hour radio station and music category-specific karaoke platform. You start by joining one of several music categories before having 30 seconds to guess both song titles and artists within 30 seconds, competing against other players on an interactive leaderboard that’s displayed on screen.
  3. Lyricle
    Lyricle challenges you to guess the song name or artist by matching one line from its lyrics. As with Heardle, six attempts are granted with each incorrect guess revealing more lyrics of the song to make the game easier and you have less than 10 minutes before your next guess pops up on SoundCloud so you can listen while you wait!

Lyricle is designed for music enthusiasts with a deep knowledge of song lyrics. So be sure to think carefully before submitting your answer.

As much as the news of Heardle being discontinued by Spotify was disappointing, there are plenty of music-guessing games you can explore for free – this article includes several listed here that should help. Who knows? Maybe these will become favorite apps!

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