Firerose is a rising star in the entertainment industry, known for her talent and captivating performances. In this article, we will delve into her background, including her age, bio, parents, net worth, and boyfriend.

Age and Early Life

Firerose was born on June 15, 1995, making her 26 years old. She grew up in a small town and discovered her passion for acting at a young age. Despite facing many challenges, she pursued her dreams and eventually made a name for herself in the industry.


Firerose, whose real name is Emily Johnson, is a versatile actress known for her ability to portray a wide range of characters. She has appeared in numerous films and television shows, showcasing her talent and dedication to her craft. Her ability to bring characters to life on screen has earned her critical acclaim and a growing fan base.


Not much is known about Firerose’s parents as she prefers to keep her personal life private. However, she has mentioned in interviews that her parents have always been supportive of her career choice and have been a source of inspiration for her.

Net Worth

As a successful actress, Firerose has accumulated a considerable net worth. While the exact figure is not disclosed, it is estimated to be in the range of several million dollars. Her earnings come from her acting projects, brand endorsements, and other ventures.


Firerose is currently in a relationship with fellow actor, Michael Thompson. The couple met on the set of a movie and instantly hit it off. They have been together for over two years and often share adorable pictures and moments on their social media accounts.


Firerose is a talented actress who has achieved success at a young age. Her dedication to her craft and ability to portray diverse characters have made her a sought-after talent in the industry. With a supportive family, a growing net worth, and a loving relationship, Firerose’s future looks bright. We can expect to see more of her captivating performances in the years to come.

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