Here we have provided all of the methods, across various platforms, that you can use to access your Microsoft Outlook email account.

Accessing Microsoft Outlook email in various ways means staying current, sending messages from anywhere and never missing an important email.

Here, we have provided all of the possible pathways leading to your Microsoft Outlook emails. on the web offers an efficient and straightforward method for accessing messages quickly. With familiar features from Outlook itself, its clean design offers convenient message viewing. In addition, additional extras provide some welcome extras.

Skype users can launch it directly within by clicking its icon on the top right navigation. Microsoft applications like Word or Excel users who wish to access their calendar or contacts, can do so with ease via the top left navigation in their App Launcher.

Office 365 and Microsoft Office
If you subscribe to an Office 365 business or school subscription or hold a Microsoft Office account, Outlook can be accessed from either website. As with, these sites allow access to online applications like OneNote or PowerPoint as well as calendar and OneDrive access.

Remind yourself, no matter which site you choose for your Outlook email, all these options allow you to access it from any computer and browser as long as they have internet connectivity.

Surfing With Google Chrome
Google Chrome users have access to an official app they can add to their launcher and clicking will launch Outlook directly in a tab for you, ready for use. Plus you have access to Skype and Microsoft applications online as well!

If you want to stay informed when an email arrives, there are a couple of extensions that can help notify you when a new message arrives. Both Notifier for Outlook [Broken URL Removed] and Notifier for Mail Microsoft Outlook will display an icon displaying your unread message count.

Although Microsoft has yet to launch an official Outlook extension for Firefox, there are a number of third-party add-ons that will notify you when new emails come in and let you quickly open Outlook. Outlook Notifier [No Longer Available], Outlook Button [No Longer Available], and Outlook Simple Watcher all display alerts on their respective toolbar icons when new mail comes in; just click one to quickly launch Outlook in a new tab!

Opera users have two helpful extensions available to them. Speed Dial will notify them when new messages have arrived, while Opera Speed Dial Outlook gives one-click access to

Notifier for Outlook is another valuable Opera extension, featuring an icon in your toolbar that displays unread message counts and opens in a smaller pop-up window when clicked rather than opening a new tab. Furthermore, settings for display, theme and automatic replies can also be configured easily.

If desktop notifications don’t suit you, consider an extension that provides fast access to while simultaneously alerting you of new messages.

Use Your Desktop Office Outlook App
If you subscribe to Office 365 or have Microsoft Office Home & Business installed on your computer, chances are that Outlook is used daily.

No matter if you use Windows or a Mac, accessing Outlook emails, calendar events, contacts, tasks and notes has never been simpler.

Use our powerful set of tools to take advantage of helpful rules, a customizable ribbon, desktop notifications and useful add-ins such as Evernote and iCloud. When it comes to messages, text formatting, picture insertions, category labels and follow-up options are just a few features you’ll find included within.

Outlook Desktop App for Windows
Mail and Calendar offers you an alternative view of Outlook items; folders, contacts and calendar are easily accessible while features for messages may not be as robust; nonetheless there are some great tools to assist with messaging needs.

The desktop app features drag-and-drop capability for calendar events and email attachments, inbox linking for multiple accounts, quick actions such as swiping and hovering, notifications and sounds as well as fun color and background personalization options.

Mail App for Mac
Although there is no official Outlook app available for Macs, there are still ways of accessing your Outlook email. One option is browsing third party apps on the Mac Store while using your default Mac Mail app – this way you can connect Exchange, Outlook and Hotmail accounts quickly and effortlessly.

Once the app is open, select Mail from the main menu and then Add Account. Exchange is one option on this main screen; to create an Outlook or Hotmail account simply choose Other Mail Account before clicking Continue.

Once the account is verified, it’s ready for use! Just a few seconds are all it takes for verification to happen before you’re off and running!

No matter where you are working or browsing the Web, Outlook on your desktop PC is the ultimate way to access its services.

Enter Mobile technology.
Outlook Mobile App on Your Android or iOS Mobile Device
No matter which platform your phone or tablet runs on, Microsoft offers an official Microsoft Outlook app designed specifically for it. Available as free downloads, each version allows easy login into your account for email, calendar events, file attachments and contacts management.

These apps work seamlessly with multiple email accounts like Hotmail and Gmail as well as various storage types like Dropbox and Google Drive, Evernote and Wunderlist can even be connected! Customize notifications, swipe options and signatures before using Outlook both portrait and landscape views!

Keep tabs on your Outlook messages and calendar with ease by using a mobile app for Outlook.

How Can You Access Outlook Emails
There are multiple methods of accessing Microsoft Outlook emails; just one click or tap away from getting into them!

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