Body odour is a smell released by the body that is considered undesirable by others. It is caused by bacteria that reside on the skin, which convert sweat into acids. Research indicates that body odour is caused by bacteria that live and thrive under your arms, not by perspiration itself. Some people find it more challenging to regulate their body odour since they naturally have more bacteria under their arms. Some people are also more susceptible to body odour, and if action is not taken quickly to address this, it may become a permanent problem. 

Below are some causes of body odour:


Too much sugar might produce body odour. Too many sugary snacks lead the body to overproduce yeast, which converts sugars into alcohol and creates odour. To avoid body odour, cut back on sugar.

Synthetic clothing:

Synthetic clothing traps sweat since it cannot evaporate. This keeps sweat on the body, which increases bacteria growth and body odour if not properly cared for.

Spicy food:

Foods containing sulfur-bearing gasses, which the body breaks down and releases through the pores, can leave behind a lingering odour. Examples of these foods include garlic, curry, and some other spices.


Alcohol consumption regularly might lead to body odour. When alcohol is consumed, it exits the body through the pores; however, if the liver is injured, less of the alcohol is metabolized, causing more to escape through your body’s odour.

Not cleaning your bra cups:

Body odour results from wearing the same bra repeatedly. Medical research states that the fabric of a bra comes into contact with perspiration-prone areas such as behind the arms, across the back, and between the breasts and chest. Additionally, the fact that bras are frequently made of materials that retain moisture contributes to the growth of germs and fungi in these locations. Rashes are brought on by the moisture and sweat that are trapped.

How to Remove Strong Body Odour

The foul body odour can be humiliating. Fortunately, it rarely indicates a major issue. Body odour can be reduced or eliminated.

Daily shower:

Every day, shower at least once. Wash with soap or shower gel and lather. Focus on body odour-prone areas.

In hot or humid climates, you may need to shower twice daily. Washcloths can also clean armpits, groin, and skin folds. Shower promptly after exercising or sweating.

Try Antibacterial Soap: 

If regular showers don’t work, try a specific cleanser. Items such as: 

  • Antibacterial soap or body wash 
  • Benzoyl peroxide cleaner

These washes minimize skin microorganisms.

One can also use chemical-free, long-lasting natural deodorant paste in Australia to combat body odour. The most crucial thing is to keep an eye on what you eat and make sure you always look presentable.


Bacteria in armpits, groin, and other areas break down apocrine gland perspiration, causing body odour. 

If you are stressed out, overweight, consume specific foods, or have certain medical issues, you may be more susceptible to body odour. Genetics might also be involved.

By making lifestyle adjustments like taking a daily shower and using the proper underarm moisturizer, you can avoid body odour.

Try these remedies first, and if your body odour persists, see your doctor about prescription drugs or other treatments that may be able to assist.

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